Family Style services on Sunday mornings beginning May 24th.

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Family Style services on Sunday mornings will begin on May 24th. The church offices and buildings will remain closed for the time being. All activities and small groups held at the church are postponed through May.

The latest update
From the Pastor’s desk…
There continue to be daily updates with the care and protection of those in our community. We want you to know that we are monitoring the COVID-19 virus outbreak closely and we will take every precaution to keep our church family healthy and safe. While monitoring and adjusting to the new information as it comes available, any more cancelations will be announced via social media, email, and small group leaders. We are writing this to address concerns and share the ways we are doing what we can to minimize the chances of spreading COVID-19.

Some of us have been working diligently to prepare our auditorium and worship center for us to gather inside for the first time since the middle of March. Please know that you will also be able to attend church with us via Facebook live and through Southgate’s Website at 11:30am. SGBC Facebook. We will gather at 11:30 and plan for it to be a one-hour service. Other than access to restrooms and the sanctuary during the service, the rest of the building will not be open.

I also want to be very clear that until you feel comfortable attending any group gathering at Southgate that you are free, and even encouraged, to remain at home. We will continue live-streaming our services (see our WATCH page) I’ll also add that if you are running a fever, or have within the last 24 hours, or have shown any symptoms of a contagious illness, out of caution for your church family please stay home.
That being said, if you are ready to join us on campus at the Worship Center this coming Sunday, please be aware of the requests and preparations in the points below.

All activities and events at the facilities will be postponed for the month of May. This is a hard inconvenience for an otherwise very busy month of activities at our facility, however, this high use time is also the very reason that we need to postpone everything. Otherwise we would be spending an endless amount of time sanitizing and re-cleaning so many different parts of our facility. Additionally, while these events/activities are basically 1-3 hour events, there are some of us that spend multiple hours around the facilities and the potential for exposure increases dramatically. I’m very confident with this decision.

Finally, we are taking a HARD LOOK at Kids Camp and Vacation Bible School. I have to talk with some leaders in these ministries for us to make a decision this week. THIS GRIEVES ME!!! If we cancel or postpone these activities, then we will work hard to make other plans for Children and family focused events.

If you have questions or advice I’d really appreciate hearing from you. During these days we still plan on working very hard to connect with you through e-mails, social media and phone.  We will be having all services and Bible studies online. You can expect more updates and instruction in the days ahead.

Please know that you can contact us at the church through email at You really should regularly check our website.  We will be updating that site immediately as changes and new information come along. You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can reach Pastor Brewer at (405) 202-6508 and you can reach Pastor Noah at (870) 833-7899.

Our goal is to stay connected with each of you during these times. We are here to love and serve the community that God has given us. We are thankful for each one of you who are apart our church family and the surrounding community. If we don’t already have it, send us your contact information to so that we can stay connected with you throughout this process.
I’m already missing our opportunities to gather for Worship, study, fellowship, and friendship. In times such as these we need to be very intentional about keeping up with, and caring for, one another. These types of days are also the times that Gods people will rise to the need and opportunity to reflect the Grace and Glory of the Father.
Please continue to pray for our leaders and the victims of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

God bless you, Southgate. I’m honored to be your Pastor.

Doug Brewer

Is Southgate canceling services?
  • As of 4:00pm on Wednesday, May 20th, we will begin having modified services on Sundays at 11:30am, and all activities, and events have been postponed through May. We will reevaluate for June 1st.
  • Please see the points below for our service plans.
  • The church office and buildings will remain closed until further notice.
  • We have all intentions of resuming a normal schedule as soon as possible in accordance with national and state recommendations.
  • Any changes will be posted here and social media.
We want to use this as an opportunity to navigate ways to connect with one another outside of regular church times and locations.
Recommendations and Instructions for our services beginning May 24th.
  • Parking – When you arrive, if you need help parking your car, please pull up to the front doors, someone will provide you with some instructions and assistance. To those who wonder, there is a plan for a security person to patrol the parking lot.
  • Entering – The Southeast glass door will not be unlocked and available for entry or exit (among the reasons are that there has recently been some damage in that area of the building).
    • You may only enter at the front doors. There will be two doors open for an entrance and two doors open for an exit. The doors will be propped open so that no one needs to touch them.
    • Someone will be outside the front doors to remind you about the entrance and to welcome you home, but they will not shake your hand or hug you.
    • We will keep the auditorium doors open for the entire service so that no one has to touch them.
  • Hygiene – Inside the front lobby, you’ll find a table that has hand sanitizer, and coloring pages, crayons, and game sheets for the kids.
    • We will not require you to wear face masks, but there will be face masks available if you want one and did not bring your own.
    • Restrooms will be open and available, we will ask that you be considerate of spacing at the door and sink areas.
  • Food and Drink -We will not have any food, coffee, etc available to serve.
    • The Water fountains will be closed and turned off. You may bring bottles of water with you while you are at the church and in the auditorium. We also ask that you remove any bottles or other trash when you leave.
  • Social Distancing – Again, please try to refrain from shaking hands or hugging.
  • Seating – Someone will be seated at the Welcome Center and there will be a couple of “Hosts” in the lobby to assist you with any information that you may need.
    • During the Service, in the Auditorium, there are rows closed to allow an empty row between everyone that is in attendance. You will see notes at each end of the pews to let you know which ones are “Closed”. We ask that families be seated together and to allow 6 ft between family groupings. Please be cautious to limit your physical interactions and contact.
  • Kids – For those families that have small children, while the nurseries will be unavailable, there will be a couple of places for you to care for your children’s needs.
  • Service – We will not pass an offering plate, but there will be offering tubs at the main entrance/exit of the auditorium. [We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your financial faithfulness in online giving and mailing in your tithes and offerings in these recent three months. God has provided!]
    • As we dismiss the service we will do that with a process that will be different than just a usual “Shotgun dismissal.” As much as we dislike this valid idea, we will dismiss by rows and exit from the building.
    • We will also ask that you not gather too long in the auditorium or the front lobby.
    • Please have any fellowship time outside at the covered drive through. We all miss and desire the fellowship, but we are going to remain cautious, guarded, and considerate.
    • We will also be “closing the building” a little quickly because there will be a team staying behind to wipe down and sanitize the common surfaces.
  • If it has not been yet said, we want to discourage handshaking, hugs, high fives, or other physical contact. (Yes, you want to and some of you will even do it, but we don’t encourage it.)
How will church look different in the coming weeks?

Check out our instructions above for our outdoor services beginning May 10th.

When we are able to resume regular meetings, we plan to continue the following extra precautions before, during, and after our morning worship service:

  • We will have greeters welcoming people as they come in but they will refrain from physical greetings of our members and guests and maintain social distancing.
  • We will forgo our normal time of welcoming each other and shaking hands at the beginning of our service.
  • We will also not be passing offering plates through the aisles at this time. We will have ushers located at the worship center exits with offering plates to allow you to give your tithes and offerings at the end of the morning service. We will also have online giving as an option.
  • As it concerns our buildings, we have sanitized all our hard surfaces that come in contact with the public, this includes our class rooms, restrooms, large gathering areas and entry ways in both the Family Life Center and the Worship Center.
  • Our Preschool and Kindergarten Ministry have worked diligently to do all they can to protect our children by taking extra care in cleaning and disinfection the surfaces and toys in all of our children’s areas.
What can I do to help?
  • Visit to learn more about symptoms and ways to prevent the spread.
  • Out of respect for those not ready to participate in any “normal” routines we resume, we encourage you to read and follow our social distancing instructions above.
  • If you want to volunteer at an in-person service or help with church online, let us know!
  • Contact us with any needs you have or if you can help with other’s needs at
  • Pray for our community and its leaders that they will know the right decisions to make during this time.
  • Our staff will continue to work to serve you and the community throughout this closing. If you need to contact us, please do so via cell phone or email.
How can I stay connected?
  • We will be live streaming our services on Sunday mornings at 11:30am. Check out for ways to watch.
  • Our small groups will be meeting Sunday mornings for Bible Study and Sunday School, and more during the week for study and fellowship. If you are not connected to a group, please let us know and we’ll get you plugged in!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates, encouragement, and fellowship.
  • If you would like to receive email updates, please email us your contact info at
I'm having a technical problem getting connected.

Please email our webmaster at with any technical problems related to our live stream. If you are on Zoom, please contact your small group leader first. If they’re not able to assist you, please email us.